Wednesday, June 17, 2015

God Says ‘Go’ But I Say ‘Whoa’

What happens when God moves faster than what you’re ready to move?  What’s your first response?  Is it ‘Let’s go!’ or is it ‘Wait God, I need more time’?

I’m in the process of preparing our Bible studies for next year’s Community Groups at The Bridge in which we’ll begin going through the book of Acts—the story of the 1st Century Church.  In the first few chapters of Acts, I’m struck with the quickness of how God moved and how many people were added to the church in such a short amount of time.  I’m sure none of the church leaders had planned or anticipated that. 
Last night, my wife and I had a meeting with a core group of people in Jiggs (about 30 miles from where I live).  God had been preparing the soil out there for the past six months to begin a new church work in this ranching community (a satellite campus of The Bridge).  I didn’t have to cajole, convince, or plead for the group to do something.  As I met with these folks and we discussed timing for our first church service—the group overwhelmingly wanted to start next month. 30 days from now!
My first internal reaction was: ‘Are you crazy?!’  I thought of all the things on my to-do list.  All the tasks and responsibilities I already have on my plate. Everything else that I considered a priority. Besides—who in their right mind starts a church during the summer? Haven’t they read all the books about strategic church planting? 
But the Holy Spirit grabbed my tongue and I allowed myself to be swept along with the wave that God was obviously creating.  In reflecting on the events of last night, I realize more than ever that I must yield control to God so that worry and anxiety don’t become my thought-partners over the next 30 days.
I have been a part of so many churches over the years that quench God’s Spirit by putting on the brakes and slowing down when God is moving. Usually, it is because what is happening is beyond our ability to control and manage it. It moves us outside of a comfort zone of ‘standard operating procedure’ that no longer are we able to recognize and respond to the revival call of God.
I am grateful to be part of a church at The Bridge Baptist Church that is willing to venture into the unknown and ‘surf’ the wave of the Holy Spirit’s moving.  Go God!

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